Panoramic images should be seen in all their interactive look-around glory. Unfortunately sometimes the information hidden inside an image that declares it to be a panorama gets mangled or lost, and places such as Facebook and Flickr just show it as a regular static photo. Editing your image or even simply sending it by email or Messenger can strip this vital information out.

Exif Fixer helps fix this; it reads the full details from a selected JPEG image, and if the required elements are missing it calculates and adds them for you.

Which Exif Fixer do you want? (Both are free.)

A quick note:

The Exif Fixer Online service is free for all to use; it is a community service.

This tool uses server resources as well as time maintaining it. If you find it useful a donation of any amount is always appreciated! Here's a PayPal donation link (which doesn't need a PayPal account):

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Once you have fixed your photos you can upload them to many different services and platforms including:

and many other sites, services and apps.

(If you have others you would like to suggest please let me know. Inclusion here is not an endorsement but this is a useful reference.)