Panoramic images should be seen in all their interactive look-around glory. Unfortunately sometimes the information hidden inside an image that declares it to be a panorama gets mangled or lost, and places such as Facebook and Flickr just show it as a regular static photo. Editing your image or even simply sending it by email or Messenger can strip this vital information out.

Exif Fixer helps fix this; it reads the full details from a selected JPEG image, and if the required elements are missing it calculates and adds them for you.

Exif Fixer Online is perfect for quick on-the-go exif fixing. Just (1) upload your image then (2) download the fixed version. There is no step three.

If you want to batch-process lots of images, process cylindrical or partial panoramas or customise some of the Exif Fixer settings then download the free Exif Fixer app.

Exif Fixer Online

Step 1: upload an image:


Currently Exif Fixer Online only supports JPEG images, and it assumes these images are equirects. Support for other panorama types will be added soon.

JPEG compression quality is set to 60%.

Your images are permanently deleted from the server after one hour.

Files up to approximately 15MB are supported. If you experience a server configuration error just reload the page and try a smaller file.

Using a smartphone? Not sure how to use Exif Fixer Online to get your panorama working in Facebook? No problem, here are the steps you need to follow.

Exif Fixer Online is free to use, just like the standalone Exif Fixer app, but any tips help offset the cost of my software tools, time and hosting and really are gratefully received. You don't need a PayPal account to use this donation button.

Many thanks to everyone who has tipped me! It has directly helped support the development of this app and service and I really appreciate it.

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Once you have fixed your photos you can upload them to many different services and platforms including:

and many other sites, services and apps.

(If you have others you would like to suggest please let me know. Inclusion here is not an endorsement but this is a useful reference.)